It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s…

May 3, 2000 – May 28, 2021

It has been months and months since an update. What the heck has been going on?! Well, the someone who writes these updates went off and birthed a cousin for Jonah and Marcus. It turns out you can’t just gift a baby to teenage boys and expect them to feed and water it with any regularity, so this cousin is a time-consuming endeavour. Apologies for keeping you waiting; you can blame Jonah and Marcus.

During the update-free interlude, things were in a holding pattern with Jonah and Charlotte jetting back and forth between continents every six weeks or so for infusions. The fight is ongoing, but mother and son are now on a much-needed break back home in Campbell River.

While on break, Jonah has snowmobiled Mount Washington, surfed Tofino, and gone… SKYDIVING over very scenic Campbell River! Since their usual adrenaline-seeking hobby of mountain biking is on hold, Jonah and his Uncle Johnny decided skydiving would be a good substitute, and just ahead of Jonah’s nineteenth birthday, they hurtled themselves out of a plane with six of Jonah’s friends.

It was an all-day affair to get eight jumpers safely up and down, and a big thanks goes out to Tandem Master, Rob MacNeill; pilot, Roy Wharton; and everyone working behind the scenes at Pacific Airsports for making it happen. While the adrenaline has subsided, the gift of memories will last (and does not require feeding and watering).