The Week In Review

May 3, 2000 – May 28, 2021

It was another busy week at home and abroad. Cleon left for England on Tuesday to attend appointments with Jonah and Charlotte at the Harley Street Clinic. There were scans and tests throughout the week, and everything is looking great for the big surgery.

Tonight, Jonah is resting in preparation for his robot-assisted operation, which is scheduled to begin in a few short hours. For those of us reading this in Western Canada, Jonah will have a cutting-edge brain by the time we wake up in the morning; four catheters will be implanted to allow drugs to be administered directly into the tumour over the next 8 months. The surgery takes place on Sunday, so the entire clinic can be focused on Jonah’s care.

In between appointments, Jonah got to know his mother’s native land better. Charlotte has proudly taken Jonah for his first English pint (don’t judge – it’s legal there); brought him to the town she was born in; and shared famous English culinary delights like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and porky scratchings (wtf).

To round out the cultural experience, Cleon, Charlotte, and Jonah also visited museums; went to the Cutty Sark and the Prime Meridian in Greenwich; and strolled central London, taking in the sights at Piccadilly Circus and Leicester and Trafalgar Squares. 

This week, fundraising has reached a global scale. Jonah’s cousins in England are raising funds with a charity bike ride, and Matty Collins, a Carihi alum, led students at the Sino-Canada School in Shanghai in a charity run. Back at home, the incredible community of Campbell River held an open mic at Serious Coffee on Tuesday, and all the green fees collected at Storey Creek Golf Course this Saturday were donated to Jonah. It’s all so incredible, and it’s for an incredible cause. Thank you to all. Jonah’s surgery happens today because of you.