Where Did They Go?

May 3, 2000 – May 28, 2021

Jonah returned to Canada, and we went AWOL. We were just so excited to have him back that the updates got neglected. We do especially treasure time together these days.

Jonah’s return coincided with reading break, so all his friends were back in town to “study for midterms”. This involved a few late nights, but dedicated students that they are, they seemed to enjoy it. Seeing Jonah’s spirits buoyed by time with friends was good medicine for all.

As a family, there were board games, walks, meals, teasing, frisbee golf and the celebration of Marcus’s fifteenth birthday. Birthdays in the Shankar house always start with a crêpe breakfast and presents and this year concluded with bowling and cake.

Jonah keeps working on his correspondence math classes and continues to jog and walk as much as he can handle. This week, he visited his medical team at BC Children’s Hospital before he heads back to England for the next round of infusions.

This trip to England will be much shorter than the last. There will be no surgeries, so before you know it, Jonah will be back in Campbell River again. We are extremely grateful to have this time together, and we have you to thank for that. It is a tremendous gift.